Goscor now sole distributor of Taylor-Dunn in South Africa

Leading materials handling equipment (MHE) supplier Goscor Lift Truck Company (GLTC), part of the Imperial group, has been appointed the sole distributor of Taylor-Dunn in South Africa and according to GLTC MD, Darryl Shafto, this goes a long way to making GLTC on of the most complete Materials Handling Equipment (MHE) suppliers in the country.

“We now have a range of equipment for applications across the gamut of the MHE industry including the warehousing and distribution, logistics, timber, automotive, manufacturing and aviation industries and the military, where Taylor-Dunn has had success with many products. Also, most importantly, our products are leading brands worldwide and have proved themselves in the local market too. I have no doubt that Taylor-Dunn will follow suite,” Shafto says.

Thomas Deredec, Taylor-Dunn international sales director, says he is optimistic about the future of Taylor-Dunn’s products in the southern African region now that Goscor has taken over the distributorship. “There are many market opportunities in this part of the world with our unique products and given Goscor’s track record we have no doubt that they will make the most of this opportunity,” he says.

From the day it shipped its first vehicle in 1949, U.S.-based Taylor-Dunn has pursued a singular goal: to build tough, rugged, dependable vehicles to move personnel, equipment, and materials. For over 65 years, its range of products – burden carriers, personnel carriers, stock-chasers, electric carts, tow tractors and more – has been the leading solution for customers in a broad range of industrial, commercial, and ground-support markets.

From the outset one of the central missions of the company was to distribute its products globally and, in this regard, it has been a singular success with distributors in more than 30 countries outside of the U.S.

Shafto says that initially Goscor will focus on the Taylor-Dunn range of vehicles with a tow function, specifically the new generation HuskeyTM II AC, which combines high-power towing in a compact, maneuverable tow tractor with its renowned operator comfort and safety.

For most trailer systems, the HuskeyTM II AC can tow up to 13,5 tonnes gross towed load. “This is impressive for a tractor only 99cm wide and 236cm long including the hitch,” says Shafto.

He adds that towing power comes from an enclosed 17 hp AC motor coupled to the Taylor-Dunn GT drive. “Apart from its power, this tractor is easy to maneuver with its cushion grip steering wheel and 1.89m turning radius, which also makes it ideal for operation in places where space is at a premium,” he says.

Shafto says that one of the important advantages of working with Taylor-Dunn is that they will factory modify vehicles to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

“We are delighted to have been given the chance to ensure that Taylor-Dunn products fulfill their potential in this part of the world,” says Shafto, “and we are looking forward to entering markets that are new to us. Growth based on innovation has been fundamental to the success of our business and the Taylor-Dunn distributorship is yet another opportunity to show our worth in this regard,” he concluded.

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