As part of our Social Responsibility Project, Goscor Group has undertaken the following-:

We plan on inviting students from various institutions at no cost to our events, to maximize the potential of our future business.

Our policy is thus:

    • Encourage and advance all employees to their full potential.
    • Planning to sponsor further education and training.
    • Planning to rotate employees with various positions in order to avoid stagnation within a particular discipline and ensure the broadest possible exposure to all spheres of our business.
    • Having an “open door”policy, encouraging communication amongst all.
    • Employ new staff from previously disadvantaged communities in order to achieve a balance of personnel reflective of the demographics of the country.
    • Teambuilding and creating unity amongst our staff by means of regular social and sporting events.

List of Charities, No-profit organizations and causes in support of disadvantaged or under-privileged Communities

    • Pathways (School for disabled)
    • M Faber Farm School (Rural area)
    • Endangered Wildlife Trust
    • Albertina Sisulu Multipurpose Resource Centre
    • Togetherness Minister Association
    • Pretoria Child and Family Care Society
    • Jakaranda Childrens Home
    • Hillcrest HIV / Aids Foundation
    • Olivers House
    • Siphumelele Childrens Home